My Name is Carrie Leonard, and I am a School Counselor with St. Elizabeth Catholic Charities. I graduated with my Master’s in 2020 from Indiana University Southeast. While attending graduate school, I was also a preschool music teacher at Little Flock Baptist Church. Little Flock is our home church. We are very involved with our Youth Group ministry, photography team and worship team. We adore our church family. 

My wonderful husband, Drew, and I have been married for 16 years and we have one daughter, Emily, who is 13.  In our spare time, we spend time playing music and singing together.  I am a leader within our youth group at Little Flock, and those kiddos keep me on my toes.  I spend my summers going to camp with them and leading in small groups. I love being with students.  In the several years I have been in education, the more I find that I am learning as much as the students in scripture and in how to live my life as Jesus did.   I have also discovered, the longer I am in this profession, the more I want to learn about the brain, the development of children and all the things that go in between.  I am excited to start this school year, I am excited to join in the fun in the classrooms, at recess and in the church. God is so good, all the time, I pray that this year is the best that is yet to come.   


Carrie Leonard

“Each day is an opportunity to learn something new and a day to serve one another.”