Family Stability Program

In this program single mothers reside in our shelter along with their young children while receiving intensive case management services. Program participants take steps toward educational and vocational goals, get connected with community resources, receive mental health counseling, pay graduated rent and prepare for self-sufficiency.

The Family Stability Program serves as a residence for homeless, pregnant or parenting women age 18 and older. Women can live for up to 120 days in one of the mini apartments while working toward educational and vocational goals, getting connected to community resources, receiving mental health counseling and learning life skills to become independent and self-sufficient. All residents receive onsite group, family and individual mental health counseling, coordination of community resources, referrals for career services and job placement, parenting classes, assistance with finding permanent housing and 24 hour support from caring house parents and staff. Residents in this program pay graduated rent.

Amanda's Story

Amanda recently become a single mother, parenting a baby girl. At a young age she left home and stayed with friends and family when they allowed. After becoming a parent, it was more difficult to find someone who would allow her to stay with a small child. With no income and no education Amanda found herself homeless.

Because the Family Stability Program was available for Amanda, she was able to keep her family intact and get her life back on track. She now has a roof over her head, food, as well as guidance and support to find a career path that will allow her to provide for her daughter. Through this program she receives mental health counseling and has become more self confident. She is working now and looks forward to living in a safe and permanent home of her own in the near future. She is proud to be setting an example of self-sufficiency for her child.


  • For pregnant or parenting women over the age of 18
  • Children must be 5 years of age or younger upon move in
  • Residents must be working, going to school or a combination of the two