Women and Children's Emergency Shelter

This program provides pregnant women and single mothers a place to stay along with their young children for up to 90 days while working to resolve crisis, obtain employment and secure stable housing.

Affordable Supportive Housing

Some residents who have made progress through our WCES and Family Stability Program may need additional support prior to becoming self-sufficient. They may be eligible to stay in apartments on our campus through ASH. ASH residents must be employed, provide their own childcare, and take steps toward paying fair market rent while residing in program units.

Maternity Program

Through our Maternity Program, expectant mothers receive housing and support as they prepare for parenthood and life’s next steps.

Domestic Violence Transitional Program

Our Domestic Violence Transitional Program offers next steps once the initial crisis of domestic violence has stabilized. Women and their children who have experienced domestic violence receive transitional housing and rapid rehousing options, intensive case management, and a trauma-informed care approach. All activities and services offered will be provided without regard to race, age, color, religion, sex, disability, national origin, ancestry, or status as a veteran.