Women and Children Emergency Shelter

Our Women and Children’s Emergency Shelter provides expectant and single mothers facing homelessness a place to stay with their children. The 90-day program provides case management to achieve self-sufficiency and housing goals.

Jenny's Story

Jenny was a single mother struggling to provide for her small child and living with an abusive boyfriend. Since giving birth to her daughter, she decided it was time to flee her situation. Jenny was unable to find friends of family who would allow her to stay. Although she had some income, it was not enough to cover housing expenses and to manage life on her own. Jenny’s only choice was to be on the streets or return to her abusive situation.

Jenny heard about St. Elizabeth’s Residential Programs through a social worker she met at a local parenting support center. She was excited to have found a place that could provide her with shelter while providing access to many services and resources. This was the first time in many years that Jenny knew she would be able to provide for her family, and would have access to all the supports she needed to be successful in the future.

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