Supported Living Program

The Supported Living Program (SLP) of St. Elizabeth Catholic Charities provides services for adults and children with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the Floyd and Clark counties of Indiana. The SLP works to empower individuals to lead more independent lives. The Direct Support Professional assigned to each client serves as a mentor and cheerleader who assists individuals with fostering interests, developing and achieving personal goals, and managing various day-to-day responsibilities.


  • Must be a resident of Floyd or Clark Counties in Indiana
  • Must rent or own residence, or live with a family member
  • Must have current Medicaid Family Support Waiver (FSW) or Community Integration and Habilitation (CIH) 

Frank's Story

Frank is a 53 year-old man with a developmental disability. For most of his life he lived with his parents, but has lived on his own the past ten years since his mother passed away. Frank’s sister checks in on him when she can, but she has her own family and is very busy. Frank gets lonely from time to time. This week, he needed to go to the grocery store. He needed someone to help him budget, make a list and shop for the things he needed. The staff of our Supported Living Program did those things with Frank. He left the store with his head held high, his bags full of nourishment for his body and his heart full of what he needed to nourish his soul.

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Direct Service Workforce Plan

The Family and Social Services Administration awarded St. Elizabeth Catholic Charities with a grant for our Supported Living Program, referred to as Direct Service Workforce Plan.

The plan is focused on three areas including:

1) wages and benefits

2) training and pathways

3) promotion and planning

We excited to use this for our Direct Support Professionals who work tirelessly to serve our clients in this program.